Thursday 16 May 2013

Tiger Tiger burning bright

When I left Hong Kong , people mused on how I would get my foraging fix. In most part charity shops, and Liberty's have helped fill the gap. There was one thing missing though. The $10 shops better known as Jusqo. Well the search is over. I had heard of Tiger a group of shops which I desperately wanted a chance to rummage in. However the closest one was up in North Finchley and I just never got there. Lucky me when one opened up on the Finchley road last Saturday.

Truly I am blessed.

What can you say? Milk frother shaped like a gun? Brown labels? Coloured string?Hello, you are speaking my language. I left the shop having spent £8. What on? well I couldn't leave without the 4 small galvanised buckets or without the car plaster ( you stick it over those small scraps or in my case large ones I may need more than one plaster!) waxed stripey straws and the piece de resistance fake dog poo for number 1 son. Genius!
p.s. still not brave enough to use my car plaster.

p.p.s. This is for you Sheila !

Wednesday 15 May 2013


I guess I will start with the play and our long dog walks in lovely woods and fields .
 So after a very rocky start to spring it finally sprung, and we have bluebells and dappled sunlight and hawthorn blossoms a la David Hockney. All very lovely and necessary as we are plunged back into Winter again.
So I haven't just been sitting on my proverbial arse. I have been cooking Pigeon Pie to start with and then a commission to make a forest cake. This is not the finished article which is now long gone, eaten up and devoured like all good cakes should be. The finished cake had mushrooms and fungi snails and spiders and a lot more leaves.

 I found my Pigeon pie recipe on Manger a blog which if you haven't come across before is worth a look at. I predict big things for Mimi Thorisson.

Not a lot of art though now the kids are back at school and the bathroom( deep sigh) is nearly finished I will be out and about again.