Friday 5 April 2013

Jerwood and chips

It's a very long Easter Holiday. My boys are off til the 23rd of April so nearly a month. This provides some difficulties and also allows a certain freedom in deciding what to do. So while we decided what to do off we went to Hastings.

Now being by the sea when its sleeting snowing and generally grey is no better than London but it is different so I count it as a Holiday. In that spirit we ate fish and chips lay around in our PJ's and didn't go on the Internet. That was not due to any realisation that I am addicted more to do with the fact that I couldn't make the damn thing work(no IT wizz husband). I now realise that I am addicted to the Internet. I did more in one day without the web than I have done for yonks. I framed pictures potted plants rearranged and decluttered. Not sure what I will do with this new information.

Anyhow off we went to the Jerwood and a small exhibition but lovely non the less. The boys followed a trail and I looked longingly at the Roger Hilton, Alfred Wallace and Edward Bawden. I nearly bought a Roger Hilton at college, boy do I wish I had now.

The Knock Knock exhibition is made up of seven artists with some affinity to Hastings. It's a mixed bag but I often prefer these pick and mix galleries.

Hastings is always fun, but now we are back in London and we have decided what to do we are off to Istanbul in a few days to adventures new. Without the Internet perhaps?