Thursday 24 November 2011

Christmas card

I know this is quite a dark picture and its also not been cleaned up but this essentially is the Christmas card, Dim Sum Christmas Basket. They sold well at the fair and what with my private orders and Banyan Houses Christmas fair I hope to leave these shores cardless!

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving !

So I am not American and I have come to Pumpkin Pie rather late in life. However now that I have my family have all embraced it with open arms. I have to admit to tweaking the recipe a bit.Mine is more influenced by the Asian use of pumpkin in deserts. Think of pumpkin cheese cake and pumpkin pannacotta. I can't say I'm keen on the cinnamon in the original pie so I have omitted that and I make the filling more like an egg tart with my preferred Pumpkin being a butternut squash which is not really a pumpkin at all! Anyhow then instead of marshmallows on the top and I know that even that is not traditional, I use white chocolate buttons or as in my photo white chocolate maltesers. Yummy!

Also I would just like to say hello to any new viewers out there whom I met at the fair on Sunday. Hello! It was a lovely day and very successful. Sadly that is my last fair in Hong Kong but keep a look out for my partner in crime Nicola from Rice Bowl Republic who will be selling her lovely cards and wrapping papers at the Island School fair( my old School) on December 3rd I think it is.

Lamma oh Lamma

Gosh you wait around for a blog post and 2 turn up at the same time. What up with that?However I was inspired by looking back at the old photos on my computer.

I do love the Hipstamatic feature on the i Phone. It makes all my pictures look good! I have to say that when I see Lamma like this it makes me forget the jack hammer which is rocking our world right now at the Green Cottage, and the piles of building rubble . That said I shall miss very much the South China Sea and especially the ferry which affords such fantastic views of some of the 200 odd small islands which make up the territories of Hong Kong.

Thursday 10 November 2011

Something I will miss

Actually this meal was not the greatest , but it looks good and I will miss Chinese food especially eaten with friends.
The jelly in the background is jasmine tea jelly and was perhaps not as nice to eat as it looked but it was a very pretty way to end the meal.

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Something I won't miss

I am having a nightmare with the internet. Something I hope will be better in London. So this picture from Halloween is a bit late but there you go!