Thursday 22 September 2011


Sience and Technology Museum
So with our countdown to leaving Hong Kong at Christmas suddenly feeling very near we decided to use a long weekend to visit Shanghai.
We had really enjoyed Beijing and had no idea what to expect in Shanghai. We stayed in an art Deco Boutique hotel which was apparently were Noel Coward wrote Private Lives. It was true luxury and the vast bathrooms were bigger than my bedroom in Hong Kong.

We spent a lot of time in the French quarter as well as visiting The Science and Technology Museum , the Aquarium and the old part of the city.

All in all it was an amazing city to visit.

The Aquarium

From a poster

Starting again part 2

 Frustration at the slow nay non existent internet at home has sent me scampering to The Green Cottage in the village. It feels like a long time ago that we were in a strangely cold and wet France. That meant a lot more time was spent exploring towns and sitting in cafes with a Grand Creme than in and on the rivers as usual.

 I added to an already over flowing collection of pictures of door and windows with some textures .
Looking into the kitchen in France


on the menu snails

Monday 19 September 2011

Start again

We had some news back in May which made us consider living in Hong Kong. We spent the summer school and house hunting and come Christmas 2011 we will be living back in the UK.
We spent the summer in England and France as usual and as usual I documented lots of doors windows and a few snails. Alas can't get the photos to load!