Thursday 16 May 2013

Tiger Tiger burning bright

When I left Hong Kong , people mused on how I would get my foraging fix. In most part charity shops, and Liberty's have helped fill the gap. There was one thing missing though. The $10 shops better known as Jusqo. Well the search is over. I had heard of Tiger a group of shops which I desperately wanted a chance to rummage in. However the closest one was up in North Finchley and I just never got there. Lucky me when one opened up on the Finchley road last Saturday.

Truly I am blessed.

What can you say? Milk frother shaped like a gun? Brown labels? Coloured string?Hello, you are speaking my language. I left the shop having spent £8. What on? well I couldn't leave without the 4 small galvanised buckets or without the car plaster ( you stick it over those small scraps or in my case large ones I may need more than one plaster!) waxed stripey straws and the piece de resistance fake dog poo for number 1 son. Genius!
p.s. still not brave enough to use my car plaster.

p.p.s. This is for you Sheila !

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