Thursday 1 November 2012

New York New York

Well its been a while hasn't it ? So lets see if I can update you a bit. I went to a great talk at the RA by Michael Wood on The Bronzes of the Tamil people in South India. Very good and the talk wasn't bad either! As my companion noted " He is seducing us with his voice". Well yes, he was!

I highly recommend the RA exhibition  Bronze which is on for a while longer until the 2nd of December. Meanwhile off we went to New York. Mine and the small boys first trip not the Husbands.

Real Brooklyn tin ceiling

Woodstock farmers market

A highlight The Highline

And how was Halloween I hear you ask? Well the natives were friendly, the streets full and the kids happy. All in all most enjoyable.

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  1. More photos! Looking forward to catching up in person very soon. X