Friday 22 March 2013

Country Living Spring Fair

Apparently it's spring though I'm not convinced as it seemed to be snowing as I slogged over Primrose Hill this morning. Still the lovely people at Country Living are having a spring fair which I had a look at yesterday.

These lovely pictures are not mine and I must credit the Laura Ashley Blog from whence they came. Mental note take your own pictures.

Now the fair was very much what you would expect. Lots of pretty Easter baskets, lots of tea towels and lashings of artfully aged household and garden accessories from yesteryear. I'm sorry I don't mean to sound snidey and I love a pot holder as much as the next person but really it was all a bit too lovely for me.

Having said that and with my darling Husband ensconced in The Business Design Centre I may well set up a stall next Easter if not before!

I have a few more exhibitions to show and tell. But I shall stretch those out so as to make it look like I have a very culturally full existence.

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