Monday 3 December 2012

Make and do

 I have finally started to get to grips with my own Christmas list of things to make. I had started all the cooking and preserving but not the makes.And now I have. But have I left it too late? I have made my limited edition Christmas cards. Lino cuts this year.

 However Not sure I will have time to make all the boxes and bits and pieces and the swags of ivy I wanted to try.
Still here is a few I made earlier. I took my first trip down Marylebourne High Street the other day. It was so lovely and Christmassy with all the lights. I was particularly inspired by The Conran shop and  I saw a few things that I thought I could make myself.

I thought the little glass decorations in jam jars inspired and aided by my trip to HK and a quick run down to Wanchai market here are my version. Next little Japanese wooden boxes for string. I had some saved cheese boxes for just such a creative project and with the last of my Sham Shui Po string made two. The green glass food storage jars were on sale and I have one for my cotton wool balls and have made one into a vanilla candle.

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