Thursday 5 April 2012

Jerwood Hastings

So the weather couldn't last and low and behold it's grey and cold today. However yesterday was a different story, one of Art galleries and sun , of grilled octopus and buckets of tea and cake.

Now the Jerwood Gallery has caused quite a stir in Hastings with many people objecting to it being built. For my two pence worth I thought it was a great space and much better than the coach park that was there before and I think architecturally it  is a successful echo of the famous black net huts.The art was British ranging from the First World War to the 1960's with the current main exhibition being Rose Wylie's Boys sit in front. Now Rose Wylie is an interesting artist discovered in her 70's and painting in a naive narrative style. I liked it. I like how she dresses too. Just how I want to look when I grow up.
So onto  tea and cake in the lovely cafe . Below is the view from the cafe. That may be something I paint but it looks like a Stanley Spencer right now. Replenished we set off around the old town. My favourite lovely place.

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