Thursday 29 March 2012

Yayoi Kusama

With our move to London has come an opportunity to see more art and take the children to exhibitions that they will like 'cos they're fun. Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist whose work first came to our attention in Sydney. She is currently having a bit of a revival in interest which in no small part is helped by the massive retrospective in Tate modern at the moment. Her work is predominately interested in spots, polka dots and sex. She is a fascinating artist who has spent much of the last years of her life living in a sanatorium of her own volition. The spots have come to represent her view of the world while she is having her hallucinations and a way to bring the viewer into her experience.

We love the mirrored infinity room the first time we stood in one about 3 years ago . This time it's bigger and even more special. The boys loved it. I have to say I steered them away from watching her famous orgy film , call me old fashioned. But I gamely explained her interest in Phallus's as best I could and we made our way round the art with a new appreciation of the male sex organ.

 London is not looking too shabby in the sunshine either. Lots of happy people and some great colours all over this town. Have to say I included the sculpture with its plastic still on as salute to one of my art tutors at college who proudly told me how one of his students had wrapped his head in cling film so as to make her sketch more interesting. I can never look at a head wrapped in plastic in the same way again.

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