Friday 23 March 2012

More room art

It seems at the moment that all my artistic endeavours are directed at the boys rooms. I do have some slow burning ideas for art. I would quite like to paint a large picture for the wall here behind the sofa.

 I have various ideas along the lines of my blurred photo paintings. I'm thinking about a bird in flight on a large canvas. Anyhow that will have to wait a while. Here is the next part to the pre-teen bedroom.

I had a go at painting this myself but wasn't very pleased with my result so I ordered on line this decal a pre cut sticky vinyl world map. It says it's easy to apply and all  can say is I was glad of those 7 years at art college. Still it looks good and is apparently easily removable. Now I only have 2 more walls to go. I'm thinking of using another decal maybe a Banksy one as he had his french maid graffiti not far from here until the forward thinking council of Camden had it painted over with a garish mural. So far the pre teen is uninterested in all developments which gives me a free hand I guess.

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