Thursday 18 November 2010

More distractions

Here I am, I have devoted a whole day to sorting out my stock and finishing off and what do I decide to do? Well inspired by the wonderful Flora Douville, who produces a beautiful calender every year I decide to have a go myself. This is a round up of a year of work. I think it's rather good if I do say so myself.Now back to the grind stone.


  1. Looking good.....hope you have a successful weekend...will be round next week!

  2. If only the Evening Standard had had these!

  3. hello there, i was the guy who asked you about screen printing at the fest, you should remember me cos i gave you quite a few glasses of wine haha and i me an my mate stole all your 2 dollars! i am so impress with your business card have decided to make myself some businese card too. can you tell me more about your method of screen printing? i would imagine the 'block or paint' being quite thick, so no fine detail like, lets say my name an website on the card? anyhow hope you enjoied this weekend as much as i did, and reply me when ever you are free no rush! (